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T-109 FANTEK tower

product description:

The T-109 is a heavy duty fork towerlift with five telescopic sections and allows hoisting up loads from ground level to a max. height of 7.9 m with a load capacity of 320 kg. It features a 1200 kg winch with an automatic brake and has all safety devices according to BGV C1 standard.

Code FTT109B05

sections 5
telescopics 4
material aluminium
max. height 7.9m
min. height 2.0m
min. load height 20cm
max. load 320kg
min. load 25kg
footprint open 2.17 x 1.83m
footprint closed 0.57 x 0.68m
weight 237kg
certified to CE, BGV-C1
winch ALKO 1201

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